Car requirements for the trailer test

We actively encourage our clients to use their own car for the trailer test as this is the vehicle that you will be using when you have passed the trailer test.

However it must meet certain requirements the most important of which is being able to tow the trailer that we use. After the 15th November 2013 you must have a 'laden' trailer. The trailer must have 600kgs of ballast which means that your car must be able to tow this and the trailer. We recommend having a maximum towing weight of at least 1500kgs.

For the test your car must also meet the following;

  • be properly insured and have a valid tax disc,
  • be roadworthy and have a current MOT if it needs one,
  • be checked and fixed if it has a known safety fault,
  • have a seatbelt for the examiner,
  • have a proper passenger head restraint (not a slip-on type),
  • be a smoke-free environment (you can’t smoke in the vehicle just before or during the test),
  • have 4 wheels,
  • be able to reach at least 62mph,
  • have a speedometer measuring speed in mph,
  • have no warning lights showing - for example, the airbag warning light,
  • externally mounted nearside and offside mirrors (for the examiner to use),
  • a device that shows the trailer’s indicators are working properly, this can be a buzzer, a light or the vehicles own bulb monitoring system.
  • have a manual gearbox to avoid having a restriction on your licence, unless you only want to tow with an automatic car.

If your car does not meet these requirements than you will not be allowed to take your test upon arrival at the test centre (but we will tell you that in advance)

You will need to check that your car insurance will allow you to take your test in your own car and we recommend that you get written confirmation of this.

We also ask that it is farily clean and tidy inside and kept smoke free through out the duration of your training.

If you are not sure if your vehicle is suitable get in touch and we will help. If yoiur vehicle is not suitable we have vehicles available for you to hire for your training and for test that are fit for purpose.

To get in touch click here or call us on 0800 118 5038