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Imagine facing your fears in a safe and controlled environment, where you can progress at your own pace no matter how fast or slow. Also imagine a time when you've passed your driving test are driving on your own in your own car.

Seem too good to be true?

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Phil was a very nervous driver.

After having several attempts to learn to drive and giving up,
Phil came to us for an assessment lesson with a view to
taking an intensive course. After seeing Phil drive for
the assessment he appeared to be very competent albeit a little rusty.
Phil driving his car in Norway
Phil was very nervous about dealing with other traffic especially at roundabouts, as well as the dreaded reverse around the corner. To overcome Phil's fears we practised roundabouts on most lessons along with standing at the side of roundabouts watching what the traffic flows. For reversing around the corner we practised several different techniques and routines until we found one that not only worked but also one that Phil was comfortable with.
Where is Phil now?

Phil has now relocated to Norway and by passing his test before he left the UK he has avoided the very lengthy and complicated process required to gain a licence there.
Having started a family, Phil finds his car a very useful tool for getting around
without having to rely on public transport.

Here's what Phil has to say

I have had a number of driving instructors over the fifteen years it took me to finally
take and pass my test and Ian was by far the best of them. His positive and relaxed
approach greatly improved my confidence as a driver and my progress was rapid but never rushed.

Ian clearly takes a keen personal interest in the success of his pupils,
for example when reversing around a corner proved to be my nemesis he kept suggesting new methods,
taking the time to research new ones that he hadn't used before,
until we hit on the one that worked best for me.

He's a great instructor and a great guy.

Phil, Herne Hill.

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