Make learning to drive easy.

As a new driver your first driving lesson can be a very stressful idea.
It can be hard to know what to expect and how you are going to get on.
Take the risk out of learning to drive with our Money Back Guarantee.

Our unique method lets you start with the basics and build up to you taking full control of the car before comfortably driving home.

Courtney passing her driving test To find out how we can help, read Courtney's story below.
Courtney lives in Orpington just off of the high street and has a long walk and bus ride to get to college near Locksbottom every morning and then the same long walk and bus ride home. Courntey also works just off of the Sevenoaks Way near St Pauls Cray which is yet another long walk and bus ride away.

Courntey decided to change her life for the better.

And called Gears Driver Training to book a lesson.

On the 7th of December 2012 Courntey passed her driving test in Sidcup at the first attempt.

Here is what Courtney had to say.

Being a beginner driver and having no experience with driving at all, I always felt that it would take me months and months to pass my test, and it will be a slow process. But having Ian as my driving instructor meant I was totally wrong.

I passed in less than 3 months first time; I never got worried about trying something new in my lessons. Even if I didn't get it right first time or after 8 tries Ian never got annoyed or angry he is very patient and if you don't understand the way he taught you just let him know, as he knows loads of different ways to explain something.

Once I passed my test in December I never went on the motorway but after having my warranty lesson a month after I passed (which you get free from Gears once you pass your driving test) Ian and I went out in my car and I went on the motorway for the very first time and went over things I struggled to do in my own car (parallel parking!!). What makes Ian better than any other driving instructor as he keeps in contact even once you have passed so any worries or queries all you have to do is contact him and he will help you out straight away. Now I can't get enough of driving even on the motorway and it's all thanks to Ian.
Courtney, 17 from Orpington.

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